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Crooks Hollow


Located just off of Brock Road onto Old Brock Road which then turns into Crooks Hollow Road. 
The story is that this place used to be used as a mill called Darnley Grist Mill. Then there was an explosion killing some of the workers. It is now owned by the city and part of the Crooks Hollow Conservation Area.
Is it haunted?
Hell yeah! This place is very creepy looking. It is the ruins of the old abandoned mill. It is fenced off and located right beside the woods and a creek. You get a weird feeling when you enter the property and a couple of us experienced "the spider web effect." It is when you feel like you just walked through a whole bunch of spider webs, yet there are none on you or even located in that area.

Spring/Summer 2003



On the left is a plaque thats is located just outside of the mill. It tells you about the history behind it. On the right is a sign posted up on one of the outer walls of the mill. It gives you a short brief explaination of what it was.







In these pictures above you will notice round light transparent figures. These are known as ORBS.


In this picture above you will noticed a white misty figure in the left corner. This is known and reffered to as Ecto-plasmic mist or ghost mist to some people.

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